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International Symposium on Verbs, Clauses and Constructions

How to Get to Logroño

For international visitors, the most convenient way to get to Logroño is to fly to Bilbao Airport, take a bus to Bilbao Bus Station and then to Logroño. The whole trip costs less than 20 euros one way and takes around 2 hours. There are more flights to Madrid Barajas Airport than to Bilbao (and more bus services to Logroño as well) but the trip is a bit more expensive (around 30 euros one way) and longer (4 hours). There is also one flight a day Madrid-Logroño, but the fare is relatively high. Other international airports like Barcelona are less conveniently situated than Bilbao or Madrid. Here is the information, which also includes other options.

By Car

  • Pamplona-Logroño (85 km) N-111, A-12
  • Zaragoza-Logroño (171 km) N-232 or AP-68
  • Madrid-Logroño (371 km). A-1, AP-1, AP-68; or (332 km) A-2, N-111
  • Soria-Logroño (106 km). N-111
  • Burgos-Logroño (114 km). N-120, A-12
  • Bilbao-Logroño (137 km). AP-68
  • Vitoria-Logroño (94 km). N-I, AP-1, AP-68

By Plane

Aeropuerto Logroño-Agoncillo

By train


By bus

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